Spinelly Ergonomic Office Chair

Spinelly Ergonomic High back Chair

Spinelly is an ergonomic office chair whose inspiration comes from the structure of the human vertebrae. Our spine is one of the most important part of our body that gives us structure and support. It plays a vital role to enable us to perform simple tasks like standing up and sitting upright. The idea is to create a chair that simulates the support of the spine. Spinelly ergonomic office chair is available in two colours, black for a polished and sleek look, white for a fun and edgy office setting.


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Product Details

Spinelly Ergonomic Office Chair Flexible Back

Hover Box Element

Flexible Back

Spinelly’s flexible back allows for active seating. This is achieved through a unique rib design in conjunction with an elastomer spine system.

Spinelly Ergonomic Office Chair Safety

Spinelly Ergonomic Office Chair Safety

Safety & Durability

Spinelly is designed and certified to BIFMA X5.1 and EN-1335 standards for safety and durability.

Spinelly Ergonomic Office Chair Parts

Spinelly Ergonomic Office Chair Parts


Spinelly is manufactured using up to 29% pre-consumer and 11% post-consumer material. At the end of life, up to 62% of Spinelly can be recycled.

Product Specifications

Spinelly Ergonomic Office Chair Product Specifications

Spinelly Ergonomic Highback Chair Product Specifications

1. Headrest 

Polypropylene (100% recyclable) frame in black or white colour option. Polyelastomer/Nylon/ Polyester mesh in Jet grey colour.

 2. Backrest 

Height-adjustable lumbar support with a range of 55mm.Polypropylene (100% recyclable) frame in black or white colour option. Spinal joints of thermoplastic elastomer in grey colour. Polyelastomer/Nylon/ Polyester mesh in Jet grey colour.

3. Soft Touch Armpad

Integrated molded polyurethane in a sophisticated grey color.

4. Armrest 

Versatile height adjustment within a 100mm range. Durable grey glass-fiber-filled polypropylene (100% recyclable) with polyacetal mechanism parts.

5. Seat

Personalized comfort with a depth-adjustable seat ranging 60mm. Black polypropylene shell (100% recyclable) with fabric or leather upholstery over molded polyurethane foam.

6. Donati Mechanism

Weight-sensing mechanism for auto-adjusted recline resistance based on user weight. Features Tilt-lock, Seat height, and Seat depth adjustment.

7. Base

Sturdy 695mm diameter diecast aluminum (100% recyclable) with a polished finish or optional matte silver epoxy coating.


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