Smarter Surfaces

 Innovative whiteboard, magnetic and projection surface solutions, promoting collaboration, teamwork and productivity with Smarter Surfaces 

Whiteboard Products
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Whiteboard Products

Transform your walls and workspaces – or any smooth surface – into writable areas of any size and color. Modernise your office or classroom for improved productivity with Whiteboard Paint and Whiteboard Wallpapers . There are endless ways to create your whiteboard wall.
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Magnetic Products

Make a magnetic surface of any size with our range of magnetic products and transform your surfaces into magnetic areas for planning, meetings, teamwork exercises or teaching with products like Magnetic Whiteboard Paint and Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper

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Projector Products

Make a projection surface of any size with our range of projector screen paints & wallpapers designed for specific uses like presentations, home cinemas, gaming and meetings. Choose from our range of projection paints and projection whiteboard wallpapers.

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Multifunctional Products

Choose any of the double or triple functionality products from our Multifunctional range and you can transform your surfaces into magnetic, writable and/or projectable areas. It’s an easier and quicker way to add functionality to any workspace or classroom.

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