Reya Ergonomic Office Chair

Reya Ergonomic Office Chair

It is almost universal knowledge that sports equipment are designed with ergonomics in mind and to let you perform to your maximum potential. Reya is an ergonomic office chair with an awesome design to make you look like you are on top of the game. We set out in this direction to make a chair that lets you extract maximum performance through improved ergonomics.



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Product Details

Reya Ergonomic Chair Back View

Hover Box Element

Rimless Back Design

Utilizes ribs for tension and flexibility, ensuring unbounded movement. Wide and tensioned at the lumbar region for posture support.

Reya Ergonomic Chair Independent Coil Springs

Hover Box Element

Superior Seating Experience

62 independent coil springs for precise and quick response. Springs conform to the body for proportional pressure distribution.

Hover Box Element

Hover Box Element

Safety & Durability

Reya is designed and certified to BIFMA X5.1 and EN-1335 standards for safety and durability. Longer lasting = less refuse.

Product Specifications

Reya Ergonomic Chair

Reya Ergonomic Chair Product Description

1. Armrest

Adjustable soft touch arm pads made from polyurethane foam in black, providing comfort and support. Supports molded from fiber-filled polypropylene in grey, adjustable for 10cm height and 7cm width.

 2. Seat 

Outer frame in fiber-filled polypropylene, available in black or white. Soft seat webbing of recyclable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in black or grey, with adjustable height and depth for a personalized fit.

3. Chair Mechanism

Equipped with a hand crank for 10-position tilt locking and tilt tension. Main structure in diecast recyclable aluminum alloy with a black epoxy coating. Molded black polyamide levers and internal steel hardware, all 100% recyclable.

4. Backrest

Flexible webbing made from recyclable thermoplastic elastomer in black or grey. For upholstered backs, polyester sandwich mesh in non-optional grey color.

5. Backframe

Sturdy fiber-filled polypropylene frame in black or white, with black clips.

6. Donati Mechanism

Features 3-position tilt lock, pneumatic seat height, seat depth adjustment and auto weight-sensing tilt tension.


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