Grissini Oak Natural Wood Flooring

This is Grissini Oak Natural Wood Flooring. It is from our Pure line range of natural wood flooring. It is installed via click (glueless). Its dimensions are 14 x 180 x 2200 mm. It can be used for residential/general or commercial application. It comes with a warranty of 20 years for residential and 5 years general and commercial.


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Product Details

Room Scene

Natural Wood Floor - Grissini Oak


Product Specifications

  • Plank size: 14 x 180 x 2200 mm
  • Order Basis: Special Order Purchase
  • Design: Modern long and wide plank
  • Pre-finished (no need for extra varnish)
  • Installation: Click installation (glueless)
  • Environmentally friendly (all wood comes from sustainable forests)


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