The Magic of Smarter Surfaces

Any surface can become writable, magnetic or projectable! 

Here are innovative products that transform walls, surfaces , meeting rooms, offices and classrooms into collaborative and productive working and learning environments. These Smarter Surfaces solutions are designed to enhance collaboration, creativity, and efficiency in various environments.  

Whiteboard Paint- White 

Whiteboard Paint transforms surfaces into writable areas that can easily be erased, providing a creative and functional space for collaboration, brainstorming, and note-taking. It offers a larger and more customizable writing area and is especially beneficial when working with limited wall space or irregularly shaped surfaces. It is a great choice for offices, classrooms, conference rooms, and even home offices or children’s playrooms.

Whiteboard Paint- Clear 

Clear whiteboard paint allows you to maintain the original color of the underlying surface, providing a seamless look. This clear whiteboard paint can be applied to smooth surfaces like walls, desks or doors. With this paint, one can keep the look and feel of the space.

Magnetic Whiteboard Paint 

The Smart Magnetic Paint lets you go beyond the traditional bulletin board. It turns walls into magnetic masterpieces – perfect for displaying important notes, photos, or even magnets. This paint transforms entire walls into writable magnetic surfaces to create a limitless workspace. This dual functionality can be used for presentations, designing, planning, speeches, teaching, training, meetings and more.

Whiteboard Projector Screen Wallpaper 

Whiteboard projector wallpaper is ideal for when you require the functionality of a whiteboard and projection screen but want to maintain a minimal and sleek workspace environment. This wallpaper transforms surfaces into writable projectable areas. With this surface, you can use projectors to show presentations, images, video onto the surface and write directly over the projected image.  

These surfaces can be easily cleaned with a dry eraser or a damp cloth. This makes it convenient for regular use without the need for special cleaning solutions. The products are environmentally friendly, durable and designed to withstand regular use with no ghosting (leftover marker residue). 

These Smarter Surfaces solutions are ideal for when you require the functionality of whiteboards but want to maintain a minimal and sleek workspace environment. Turn any surface into an interactive and collaborative canvas.

Learn more about these solutions here  .

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