Embrace Silence and Sustainability With Organic Cork Blocks

The organic cork block is a sustainable material typically made from natural cork harvested from cork oak trees. It is 100% natural, renewable and recyclable making it a great eco-friendly choice. These organic cork blocks are decorative cork blocks with sound-absorbing properties, enhancing both aesthetics and acoustics. 

Organic cork blocks are known for its excellent acoustic properties, as it can absorb sound and reduce echo in a room. Cork, like memory foam, may compress and release to regain its original shape. This structure acts as a sound-blocking and dispersing barrier. Using cork on walls can reduce the sound level of noise caused by impacts on the surface, reduce reverberation and background noise, creating a more comfortable and quieter environment. 

Beyond acoustics, organic cork blocks also offers other great features such as;

  • Insulation

Organic cork blocks also add a touch of warmth and natural aesthetics to a space. Cork is an excellent thermal insulator.  It is made up of thousands of small air-filled cells. The air serves to effectively block most heat from getting through a layer of cork.

  •  Anti- Microbial

Cork is anti-microbial making it resistant to mold and prevents dust absorption. Cork’s naturally anti-microbial properties combat mold, and its anti-static surface prevents dust and toxin absorption, making it a suitable material for people with allergies and a substance that contributes to cleaner air space. This property makes it a safe and healthy choice for indoor environments.

  •  Aesthetics

Organic cork blocks offer a natural and organic aesthetic. Its design allows you to play with creativity- arrange, stack or scatter. They are available in various finishes, colors, and patterns to complement different design styles and customize a space. 

  • Fire- Retardant

Cork burns without a flame and does not emit toxic gases during combustion. Cork blocks have inherent fire-retardant properties, making them a safe choice for building applications. They do not release toxic gases when exposed to fire, contributing to improved fire safety in buildings.  

Organic Blocks are especially recommended if you are looking for soundproofing. They are easy to install on walls and ceilings. They are suitable for homes, offices, schools, cinemas, libraries, stores and so much more. 

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