Ergonomic Height Adjustable Table – ERG13 V-Frame

Ergonomic / Sit Stand Conference Table(V -Frame) -ERG 13

One of the biggest benefits of having a V-shaped standing desk is the little space that they can take up. Ergonomic height adjustable table ERG13 (V-Frame) is a three stage dual motor ergonomic height adjustable table with 4 memory control and anti-collision with standard white frame and surge protector adapter. The table can easily slide into an office corner and still be snug and comfortable, this makes them perfect for small spaces that might need a little extra space management. This table allows you to take full advantage of the corners in your office.


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Product Specifications

Max Load Capacity (kg) 125  
Speed 38mm/s 
Power 100 – 200 V 
Decibels  <50db 


Height Adjustable Table ERG 13 V-Shape

Height Adjustable Table ERG13 V-Shaped_2

Height Adjustable Table ERG 13 V- Shape

Height Adjustable Table ERG13 V-Shaped

Height Adjustable Table ERG13 V-Shape

Height Adjustable Table ERG13 V-Shaped_1


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